Mama, he is still the 1!

Its now 7 years. I have been married to the same man for 7 years. I was 55 kg when I met him 10 years ago. Now, 2 babies and effects of pill with 7 years of joy….am a different story ( though still pwetty!). I remember trying to introduce my husband (then my boyfriend) to my mum in our kitchen as we cooked, trying to tell her that I met someone and it was beginning to sound like the real deal. The eyes I was given…..wacha tu! But I did it anyway. Love had birthed courage and wings to be bold towards my mother. Funny how, I never dared to mention all the other men in my life; I actually thought they were a raw deal and weren’t worth mentioning to anybody. But the strangest reactions were from my siblings when I told them I was seeing someone and we were serious. My elder brother, thought it was this short guy who really used to come around the house ever so often to talk and take evening walks but my oh my (no offense intended to anybody short) I used to freak out whenever I thought of him and I. What would we produce? Midgets? Am short as it is, I dint want to date someone I couldn’t step on my toes to kiss. Sorry.

My sis, actually liked my husband and still does. You see, my husband has a way with words- he is funny and a smooth talker. And am not saying that because I have been in love with him for 10 years but because he simply is. Most people think he is the most quiet, humble man who utters one sentence for every 100 I dish out but in reality….I have my moments where I tell him, “brother please!”.

At a visit to see my dad in Kitui, we were discussing about Abigail of the bible (I Samuel 25). So in our discussion, my sister asks out loud, ” by the way how did the husband to Abigail die?” My husband quickly gestures, someone dying of heart attack. It was funny and ridiculous, that we couldn’t believe him, we had to check the bible if it was true. The other day, my daughter comes home shouting ” now my daddy, my hair is too long. And you you don’t have hair. Your mummy cut your hair?” So, he picks up my weave from the table and wears it and asks her: Is this long enough for you. She is cracked up. In the office, he is known as the ” I can sell anything guy”  by his colleagues. He just has a smooth way of convincing people to buy stuff. So, one week, he goes with eggs and manages to sell many of them for a whole 2 months at a high margin. Then he promotes my crochet items in the office and makes more money. And when he starts talking about trees, you cannot get him to stop. So there are those guys who see him every Friday and cant help themselves: ” What are you selling this time.” He is simply an outgoing and funny man.

1. museo

David and I

And so we dated for 3 years. And I issued an ultimatum that if the 3rd year ended before getting married, I would leave him. We got married towards the end of our 3rd year of dating. I used to talk about him to everyone who cared about me. I even think I made some hearts stir up with jealousy. He was high up in a pedestal. My pedestal. He was my McDreamy.

I never have stopped talking about him. I always credited my character maturity to him and to our relationship. To be frank, I was a spoilt brat when he met me and the most wonderful thing that I’m grateful for was him telling me just that – ” Museo, you can be spoilt, lakini….ni wewe tu!” And he gave me me a kiss on cheek. (Blush)

I remember when we first met. I was in 2nd year campus, he was in 3rd. He was dating someone else and one of my close friends had a crash on him. I was always vocal when it came to relationships to my friends, so, I dared my friend – tell him. You just don’t know what might happen, he could be your Mr. right. So, me and my kimbelele, I stopped him as he passed us and was about to start telling him about my friend when I realized…..he is cute-well his head is a little bit big, but cute.

I did tell him and that was that. My friend hated me for a few days but I know we are still tight. The next time he saw me, I was in the library reading for a mid-semester exam, I hit myself on the shelves, I thought nobody saw me. He had and he laughed at me. The next time we made good contact, I was in my last year, it was his final semester, I had a project due in 24 hours and he made it a mission to ask me out the entire evening and he knew I had a project due with limited time in the never reliable computer lab. I hated him that day. I even remember asking, wait, aren’t you dating so and so? I don’t like men who are two-timers.” He laughed. But the brother never stopped.

I avoided him like a plague the next few days but he kept texting, calling. I had no idea what to do with a two -timer! So, this time, I asked him straight up: Are you two still dating? ” Nope. Its been almost a year since we broke it off.” So I had to go out with him. I told him, ” Just once”….we met the following day, the day after and every day after for the next 3 months. I was in love. He was smitten.

Its now 7 years and we are together  everyday, we still cuddle, we still laugh, we still dance together and we still kiss passionately. Who said we don’t have the best of bad days. Heck, my siblings know how many times I have packed my bags to leave only to stare at the bags and remember the first spark of love he shared with me and how he pursued me despite my many no’s. I am blessed to be married to this man. If my mum was still alive, I would still stand with her in the same spot in the kitchen and tell her the same words I did many years back- mum, he is the one :-).

The Muemas (2)-198

My heart throb and lover (yes, I said it ) my lover – tihihi

Oh and by the way ladies, I have never been cheated on and neither have I cheated on him. It is possible to have a working marriage. Everyday, I look at him and tell God – Thank you for David. He is a sweet and loving man. Thank you David, for these wonderful 7 years together and for our two daughters.


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